JP Fortier
software developer
Austin, TX

Experienced software developer (C#/Java/JavaScript) with a strong background in web technologies and 15 years in software development. Solid experience architecting, developing and maintaining software solutions for large organizations. Specializes in developing feature-rich, responsive web based applications using the latest techniques and technologies.

work experience
BackOffice Associates
Instrumental in developing CranSoft, BackOffice's web application platform. Developed an efficient, user-experience centric interface that has been instrumental in the successful migration of many Fortune 500 companies to SAP.
UI Architect & Project Lead
2011/01 -  

Designed and developed new front-end interface from scratch

Developed many prototypes and planned the web architecture and the model/controller layer

Designed custom server-side state management & UI synchronization routines

Javascript JQuery C#
MS Sql Server Oracle LLBL Entity Library
Senior Developer
2008/01 - 2011/01

Designed and developed a new feature rich UI as part of a full application restructuring

Significantly increased the productivity of consultants performing data migrations

Developed high performance controller/business logic while mindful of architecture scalability

Maintained and supported the application for 5 years

Javascript C#
MS Sql Server Oracle
Simplesheets was a J2EE web application that provided time sheet and expense tracking services.
Senior Developer
2005/03 - 2008/01

Designed and implemented a persistent, multi-feature AJAX based interface

Developed and integrated complex data-driven widgets into a 3-tier J2EE framework:

  • dynamically loading, editable data grids to provide access to large result-sets; and
  • dozens of form and navigation elements including custom drop-downs, hierarchical tree views and a fully featured context menu.
Javascript Java J2EE
Government of Canada
The Medical Transportation Record System (MTRS) is a 3-tier web application designed to record and manage medical transportation costs for the First Nations & Inuits people of Canada.
Java Developer
2005/01 - 2008/01

Designed and developed new front-end UI for MTRS

Gathered requirements and developed many feature prototypes in coordination with management

Javascript Java J2EE
1998/06 - 2005/01

Created J2EE monitoring service that polled 40 systems for Border Services

Designed and developed a Treasury-audited reconciliation system tracking a $20 million worth of transactions into SAP

Managed medical expense reporting team for NIHB

Automated NSERC annual inventory reducing turn-around time from 2 months to 2 weeks

Centralized common content across the CFIA public website in ASP, decreasing maintance efforts significantly

Oracle Sybase JDBC
log4j JBoss Quartz scheduler
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Consultant: Web development
2005/06 - 2007/12

Designed and implemented a persistent, web-based AJAX client for the CAMC training system

Designed CAMC website, including J2EE backend for registration and payment services

Currently providing front-end expertise to the LMIS project, a J2EE data collection and reporting tool

Javascript J2EE
Apache Tomcat XML i/o